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This Virtual Meeting will be held using the platform Zoom. You will need:

• An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless

• Headset/earbuds with microphone

• Webcam – built-in or USB plug-in (for speakers and chairpersons only)

*TIP: If you use a headset or earbuds with a mic, be sure to plug those in to your computer before joining the Zoom meeting.


Participants can access Zoom from all devices, via web browser or App. We strongly recommend using a laptop or desktop for a better user experience. Zoom requires at least 5 Mbps upload and download speeds for every zoom connection.

Enter the Zoom Meeting

You will receive a confirmation email with your link to log in to the conference. Simply click the URL or paste into your browser of choice to open the meeting. Please ensure that you log in with your full name.


Audio and Video Setup

After launching the Zoom meeting from the meeting URL, you will be prompted to join the room’s audio. Click “join audio by computer.” Zoom allows audio participation through your computer’s internal speakers, a headset, or a phone line. Should you experience problems connecting your audio, click the arrow next to the microphone icon in the bottom-left hand corner, choose “Audio Options”, then “Test Computer Audio”. Built-in and peripheral webcams will turn on automatically when the meeting launches. If you need to change your audio/video input device, click the arrow next to the microphone/camera icon and select the appropriate device.


Choose video layout

At the upper right of the Zoom window, you can switch between active speaker view and gallery view. You can also switch between a shared screen and the video by clicking on a button available on the upper right, during a screen share.

In order to see the speaker in full-screen, please select “speaker view” instead of “gallery view” in the upper right corner of your zoom screen.


Enter/Exit Full Screen

At the top right of the Zoom window, you can enter or exit full screen mode. You can also exit full screen by clicking Esc.




Option 1: Chat

You can join the discussion with other attendees by sending messages to “Everyone” or you can chat privately with the Session Chair by selecting their name from the drop down list. Learn more about Using Webinar Chat.


Option 2: Q&A Session

Each session/ talk will be followed by a round of Q&A. We request participants to click on the Q&A icon at the bottom of the screen to open the Q&A window.

You can post your questions in the Q&A window anytime during the webinar. At the end of the talk, the Session Chair will select and ask the presenter to answer some of the questions within the allotted Q&A period and will try to cover as many questions as possible depending on the allotted time.



Participate in a Poll

If a vote is needed on a topic during the meeting or webinar, the host will launch a Poll. The poll will launch in the main screen. Participants can choose their answer, then click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the Quick Poll box.

NOTE: you must have the latest Zoom client installed on your computer to participate in a poll. If a poll is launched and you do not see the poll in your meeting window, you must leave the meeting and download the latest Zoom client, then rejoin the meeting by clicking on the Zoom URL provided by the host.


Leave Meeting

You can leave the meeting at any time by clicking on the Leave Meeting option at the lower right corner of the Zoom window.

If you need any further assistance, please reach out to us via call or Whatsapp on +65 9722 8065.

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