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[01 February - 02 March]

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Challenge yourself to clock as much as you can!

Submitted entries will be collated as: 0-50km, 51-100km, 101-150km, 151-200km & > 201km

Dates : 01 February - 02 March 2023

Event Venue : Singapore and Abroad

Event type: Virtual Challenge

Runner's Entitlement

- T-shirt with event logo, medal & finisher e-Certificate


1. Register for the run here

2. Submit 1 selfie with your weekly total clockings. You can accumulate your clocking during the week.

    a. A screenshot of your running/ activity app and

    b. Weekly uploads: Total of 4 per participant


More information

This is an event organised by Pain Association of Singapore (PAS) in buildup to the PAS ASM 2023 which will be held from 04 - 05 March 2023.

All funds generated from this virtual event will be used for runner’s entitlements. Any left sums may be used for subsequent events that will be organised by PAS.

Collection of Participant Entitlements

Date      : 07 March 2023 onwards
Method  : By mail / collection

Registration closes    :      07 February 2023
Event period              :      01 February - 02 March 2023 (You may upload any sessions done within this period, regardless the date of your registration)


Upload closes            : 03 March 2023

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