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Abstract submission is now closed

Abstract Submission and Registration

Online abstract submission will open on 21 November 2017. Deadline for abstract submission is 14 February 2018. 


Submission Timeline and Instructions

The Scientific Committee will review all abstracts, and you will be notified by 21 February 2018 whether your abstract has been accepted. The decision of the Scientific Committee is final. Please note that you must register by 5 March 2018 for your abstracts to be published on the website.


Abstracts Category

Submissions are welcome in the following categories:

  • Physician

  • Allied Health Professional/ Nurse

  • Resident/ Medical Student


Ethics Guidelines

IRB approval is required for studies involving human subjects. For translational research studies involving animal subjects, authors are to adhere to animal ethics guidelines and institution IACUC approval granted. 


Structure of Abstracts

Word limit

The main text of abstracts cannot exceed 300 words.



Abstract title must be in Initial Capital / lower case, e.g. PAS Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 . The title should be brief and descriptive.


Author information

Author and co-author names, institutions, cities and countries are to be typed in appropriate boxes. Please include family / last name and initials of author(s) and do NOT include degrees or professional titles (Dr, PhD, Prof, MD, etc.).



Each abstract must contain sufficient details for evaluation. Make the abstract as informative as possible. Clearly indicate the aims and conclusions supported by data. Results stated in the abstracts must be complete (though concise) and final. 


Organise the body of the abstract as follows:


(a) Introduction: Your introduction should be informative and short, stating why the study was conducted.


(b) Methods: Indicate the materials being studied, principal procedures or tests performed.


(c) Results: Confirm or refute the hypothesis, supported by statistics if appropriate.  


(d) Conclusions: State the major new findings of the study and specify what these findings add to what is known already.



  • Use standard abbreviations and generic drug names. 

  • Place unusual abbreviations or acronyms in parentheses after first use. 

  • Graphic in content is not accepted.




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