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Call for Abstract                                                                                  25 Dec 2022

Submission Deadline (Extended)                                                       15 Feb 2023

Announcement of Results                                                                   20 Feb 2023



  • An individual can submit, and may be the first author on more than one poster abstract.

  • Poster abstracts must describe original scientific material that has not been previously published or presented at other national or international meetings.

  • PAS does not allow encore presentations. However, if a poster abstract was presented elsewhere only with preliminary results and complete results are now available, it may be submitted.

  • Poster abstracts will be published and made available to all registered delegates in an electronic format.

  • Applicants must complete the entire application for consideration. Submit completed forms to


  • Poster abstracts will be approved for presentation on the basis of quality and originality.

  • Poster abstracts will be rejected if they do not adhere to the ethical principles for clinical (human) and animal research endorsed by IASP. Please review the guidelines for Pain Treatment Services, Use of Animals in Research, Ethical Guidelines for Pain Research in Humans, and Clinical Practice Guidelines in the Field of Pain at

  • Poster abstracts must be submitted in English with accurate spelling and of a quality suitable for publication.

  • Please submit your abstract under one of the following themes : 

    • Basic research in Pain​

    • Assessment of Pain

    • Specific clinical conditions/ Special groups

    • Education

    • Treatment approaches - physiotherapy & psychological

    • Treatment approaches - pharmacological & interventional

  • Abstract must be organised into the following sections : ​

    • Introduction​

    • Methods

    • Results

    • Conclusions

  • The text of the abstract must not exceed 300 - 500 words. The title, author block, disclosure blocks (affiliations) are not included in the abstract count.

  • Proprietary drug names may not be used when referring to pharmacological substances. Only generic names of drugs are acceptable.

  • Tables or illustrations may not be included in abstracts, but may appear on the poster if accepted for presentation.

  • Acknowledgments/Disclosures: If applicable, abstracts should include an acknowledgement section, listing grant support (including grant number) and disclosure of any financial relationship the author(s) may have with the manufacturer/supplier of any commercial products or services related to the work reported in the abstract. Items to include are:

    • research support

    • consultant to a company

    • speaker bureau participant

    • company employee

    • any other form of financial interest or support


  • If a poster abstract is selected for presentation, the presenting author must register to attend the ASM. Presentating authors are responsible for all expenses related to attending the ASM. 

  • An individual may present more than one poster at the Congress, as long as he or she is a listed author/ presenter for each poster.

Please download the word document and submit the completed forms to

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